Cedar Rapids, IA

HPV Vaccination in Cedar Rapids, IA

HPV is a sexually transmitted disease that impacts people of all ages. And unfortunately, certain strains of HPV have been linked to cervical cancer. At Cedar Rapids OB Gyn Specialists, P.C. in Cedar Rapids, IA, we offer the HPV vaccination to eligible patients looking to avoid HPV and it's serious consequences.

Your Health Needs Addressed

At Cedar Rapids OB Gyn Specialists, P.C., our goal is to keep you as healthy as possible, which is why our Cedar Rapids, IA practice focuses on preventative and proactive care. When you come to use for an HPV vaccination, we'll take the time to explain the benefits of getting vaccinated and discuss the side effects you may encounter. We'll also do our best to educate you about HPV and other sexually transmitted diseases so that you, in turn, can do your part to protect your sexual health.

To find out whether you're a good candidate for an HPV vaccination, call us today to schedule an appointment.


Jessica Arp, PA-C