Cedar Rapids, IA

Essure Procedure in Cedar Rapids, IA

Women in Cedar Rapids, IA trust the gynecologists at Cedar Rapids OB Gyn Specialists, P.C. when it comes to safe, permanent sterilization and birth control. We specialize in the Essure procedure, a non-surgical sterilization method that has come to be trusted by thousands of women each year, and offers a safe alternative to invasive procedures and hormone-filled pills.

A Safe Yet Effective Alternative to Birth Control

At Cedar Rapids OB Gyn Specialists, P.C., the safety and peace of mind of our patients come first. Our doctors are experts at the Essure procedure, which does not require cutting into the body or using electricity to burn the fallopian tubes, as had been the practice for decades. Essure involves the insertion of soft, flexible inserts that, over time, work with your body to form a barrier between sperm and the egg.

The procedure takes ten minutes, and is more than 99% percent effective. Call Cedar Rapids OB Gyn Specialists, P.C. in Cedar Rapids, IA to learn more about the procedure, and to see if Essure is right for you.


Jessica Arp, PA-C